What is static proxy and what is rotated (dynamic) proxy ?

Static proxy mean that the outgoing address ( the address you reach the website with ) fixed and don’t change .as an example proxy , when connect to ip port 1111 the external ip address is .
So if access the website now or after some time , the external ip address is same ( don’t change .
Rotated proxy usually named as (BC) or Back Connect proxies . like you connect to main Gateway ip and main port like , when the client connect to this proxy and try to access a certian website . the external ip address is not same as the ip address that connected to .
As an example Back connect for 1st request made go outside address , 2nd request , 3rd request and so on . so as you see Back connect proxies has like dynamic pool addresses such as each client make a request , the external is changed .

So based on example above you can consider the Back-connect proxy has a pool of ( , , , ….etc).