how can i register ?

its simple , either you put directly on (paynow) then follow instructions or you can hit registration tab on top and follow up registration process.

why V6proxies service is unique ?

V6proxies service include a service that will provide thousands of proxies for customer. and each proxy will be single from each /64 pool.

that mean that only 1 IPV6 ip address from each /64 subnet and this will help much for proxies not being detected & being private .

what payment method is accepted ?

we only accept paypal

what countries are supported ?

we do support IPV6Proxies over 27 country/location .

our countries availability differs from package to other but in general our countries are getting increasing by time.

how can we use the proxies ?

well , as an example after client purchase the package , an email with details will be received including details .

out formal form is as => ip:port:username:passwd

so as example , client will receive proxies as a tall list as form below whatever it was proxy or socks5 :

are the proxies over V4 ? or V6 native ?

fortunately , V6proxies can offer both .

if client has native IPV6 address and want IPV6 proxies then we can offer IPV6 native proxies .

an example of this service will be proxy like 2002:abcd::abcd:1234 without outgoing IPV6 address 2002:abcd::abcd

if client has IPV4 address and want to reach IPV6 addresses/websites , then we can offer IPV6 over IPV4 infrastructure.

example of this service will be a proxy like ==> with outgoing IPV6 address 2002:abcd::abcd

how about rotation service ? how can be used ?

this service only included in the Gold Package .

its like a way of randomisation an IPV6 address for each request from range of pool /48 and not pool of /64

as an example ……. a client is browsing a website he will have 1st request originated from an IPV6 address from range of 60000 ips .

the 2nd request like new request or refreshing page , it will be originated from an IPV6 address randomised from range of 60000 and so on.

as we see above .. the client will not need to change socket or change port to have other IPV6 address.

what socks versions is supported ?

only v5 which can be used for authentication .old versions are buggy and don’t support authentication

What makes # 1 ?

Exclusive service we offer whereas we have several rare services.

Quality of proxies over ver fast datacenter & suitable prices .

Privacy of proxies with no logging for any kind of traffic

our kind support for customers

what is pool /64 and pool /48 and why should i take care about it ?

in IPV6 , the range of /64 is common because it provide flexibility in networking and makes networking life easy such as plug &play.

but some websites may consider from its perspective all the addresses under the range pool /64 as one single address.but in real its not .

on other side , for /48 , there are like 65000 subnet of /64 .

so we can consider that /48 will give a 65000 strong IPV6 subnets from range /64 and each single /64 subnets has possible ip addresses 2^64 which is crazy number of addresses

what is different between IPV6 HTTP proxies & IPV6 socks5 ?

IPV6 HTTP proxies is considered as a way of browsing websites .including http&https websites , also can be considered as a tunnelling way of tunnelling all TCP traffic in case the proxy was supportingTCP_CONNECT method .

HTTP proxies gives many options to control HTTP/HTTPS traffic to websites whereas its dedicated for websites .

on the other side , socks5 is a way to open websites .also a way to tunnel all TCP traffic and also be a way that can tunnel UDP which cant be done on HTTP proxies .

so in general , we can consider that socks5 include http proxies with more options while socks don’t have options to inspect or modify http/https packets like proxies whereas HTTP proxies are stronger in that way .